Windows Vista data recovery question

I need software to do data recovery  for a Windows Vista computer that's having blue screens. In addition, The operating system has been reinstalled and all the data got erased. I need to do the recovery from outside of windows and and backup to an external hard drive.

1) Is it possible?
2) Is there a free alternative?
3) What would be the cost of the program?
4) How many computers can I use it on?

Thank you much,
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On the PC it is installed on and registered you can attach as many other HD's as 2nd Disks as you want and recover their data.
The best utility I know is getdataback, but it isn't free. You install the tool on another PC (you can use the trial version for this), then you connect the Hard-Disk you want to recover from to this PC. After that you allow the tool to scan the disk.If it finds the files you need to recover you will have to register the tool in order to copy those files from the old disk to some other location. The good thing is you don't have to pay until you see the files you need, and it isn't that expensive. It also works very well (usually if it doesn't find your files, no other tools will, you would then have to send your disks to a recovery agency).
now2010Author Commented:
Thank you for the input rindi. I have a question about your comment. Can you use the license to recover as many hard drives as you want? Or is it limited to one time use?
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