Microsoft Access 2010 Sub Form summing issue after upgrade from 2003

I have a simple sub form which displays only a few records of dataset. It also has a simple sum of one of the fields “=sum([Fee])”  in the form footer.

In Access 2003 the sum was always calculated and visible.  Now in 2010 the sum is only visible if the last record is displayed in the scrolling region. For example if my dataset  contains 35 records, and I am only displaying 3 records, I have to click the "Last Record" navigation button in order to finally get the sum to calculate and display.

I need the sum to calculate and display immediately upon my form rendering.

There must be a new property that I am unfamiliar with in 2010 that will allow me to adjust for this.

Thank you
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I have no this issue with Access 2010. Same sums are calculated immediately. May be you can upload this form?
Try to use the DSum function as illustrated below:


I agree - this is not  directly an issue with A2010.  There must be something about the form, or there has been a problem in any conversion that has been done (if any).
EpistrophyAuthor Commented:
That is good information to know that it is not an  Access 2010 issue.  I will do some more testing on my end. I will build a similar form as a test and see if it works as it should.  I will get back to everyone.

Thank you,
EpistrophyAuthor Commented:
I simply rebuilt the forms from scratch and it worked.  This was a straight conversion from 2003 to 2010 so I thought it might be related to some other VB quirks I had to adjust in my code. I wish I had a better answer but it was hlepful to know that that it was not a conversion issue.
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