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VB code request - Audio

I'm unsure where to even start with this code so I figured I can ask around here:

I'm in need of a code that, when there is audio being played from the computer, I need the numlock light to turn on (whether or not the numlock key is actually pressed is irrelevant, just as long as the numlock light turns on), then, if there is no audio being played (for 5 seconds or similar), i need the numlock light to turn off.

In summary, if there is audio on, turn on numlock light, if there is no audio, turn off numlock light

I need this all to be able to be put into a .vbs file in which can simply be double clicked to open.

Any help would be amazing thank you.
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Sid - if you can help with this at all it would be amazing if you could go check out my new question then:
Isn't it the same question? :)