How do I configure a Netgear FVS318V3 gateway?

My Fortinet-60 died as we moved our office to a new location.
I went down to BestBuy and bought a Netgear FVS318v3 firewall to take it's place temporarily. We have a new static IP range (according to AT&T) of xx.yy.zzz.184 through xx.yy.zzz.192, where .184 is reserved for the modem, .191 is listed as the gateway and .192 is reserved.

Since I wanted to replace the Fortinet with minimal impact to the rest of my LAN, I changed the local IP address of the FVS318v3 to the IP of the old Fortinet box ( from it's default of and set it to use a static IP of xx.yy.zzz.185 with a netmask and the gateway set to .191

After rebooting the FVS318v3, its status window tells me that I am succesfully connected to the internet at the expected .185 address with the expected .191 gateway.

But I can't access by URL or even by IP address, so I don't think the issue is DNS. I tried setting my mask to but the FVS318v3 complains that .191 is a broadcast address if I do that.

The FVS318v3 is configured to allow all outbound traffic, but I only enabled inbound SMTP from Postini so far.

I'm obviously missing something basic here. Any suggestions are welcome.

Thank you,
Robert KleinschmidtAsked:
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Is this a ATT UVerse package? What is the model number of the ATT modem that was supplied?
Robert KleinschmidtAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay, I just got back into the office where I could check on this.

The ATT Modem is a Motorola MIPDSLA 2210-02-1ATT.

While getting that model info, I saw on the back of the modem that is has local IP address which I was trying to use as the Firewall. So I created an IP collision.
I've since changed the Firewall IP to, and then I tried to get to the modem as .254 to change its local IP, but it does not seem to be reachable.
Robert KleinschmidtAuthor Commented:
I directly connected to the modem, and the local IP address is not configurable.
I also saw that I have a DHCP IP address and not the static I was sent by AT&T.
I am on hold with AT&T o sort the IP addresses out.
Robert KleinschmidtAuthor Commented:
Oh, and yes, this is an AT&T U-verse package
I have uverse with static addresses and I will tell you that it is a nightmare. Public static addresses are actually assigned by dhcp. You have to tell the modem which Mac address belongs with which public IP. This makes aliasing multiple public IP addresses with one NIC impossible.

I was able to work around it by using vmware and a software firewall (endian fw) and assigning multiple NICs to the public interface as different uplinks.

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