Word 2010 Table of Contents - Issue re Page Numbers

I am having problems with the page numbers shown in a table of contents in Word 2010 whereby all page numbers in the ToC are the same.  Initially I experienced the issue with a relatively complex document containing tables, graphics, etc.  I have since created a really basic document and still get the same problems.

These are the steps I take to create the document and a table of contents:

1. Create a new document based on the default Normal template.
2. Insert 2 carriage returns and a next page section break.
3. Go to the end of the document.
4. Apply Heading 1 Style & type a short heading followed by a carriage return.
5. Apply Heading 2 Style & type a short heading followed by a carriage return.
6. Type a short paragraph in the Normal Style followed by a carriage return.
7. Copy the text below the section break until I have 12 or more pages.
8. Go back to the first section.
9. Click the Table of Contents option on the References Tab and choose the first option (Automatic Table 1) to insert an automatic table of contents in the first section.

The table of contents is inserted correctly and with the correct page numbers.

10. Save and close the document.

11. Re-open the document.  The table of contents is still correct (although I am pretty sure that I have seen occasions where it changes at this point).

12. Select File, Print - in the preview all page numbers are shown as '2'.  When I quit this view, the page numbers in the ToC remain at 2.  If I use Print Preview Edit Mode via a button on the QAT, all the page numbers change to 4 instead!

The problem occurs regardless of whether 'Update fields before printing' is ticked.

If I physically update the ToC the page numbers are correct.

I have tried changing the underlying printer - 3 different printers.  I have also tried changing the base font.  Neither make a difference.

Please can you tell me what I am doing wrong?  I just cannot get this to stabilise and I really don't want to rely on users remembering to update the ToC before printing.

I attach the simple document I created if that is of any use.  Although created using 2010 it is in legacy format.  I get the same problem if I go through the process with using Open XML (.docx)format.

Thank you for your help as always.

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It is the same on my 2003 system, so I guess that it is an old problem. The important thing is, does it print correctly? It does on my system. In those circumstances, I suspect that Microsoft have given it a low priority.

Probably the Print preview doesn't trigger the fields update by design.

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MonteDelMarAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response, Graham.  Yes it does print correctly, regardless of whether 'update fields before printing' is checked.  It is used as a reference document for all staff but I guess it will be OK as long as we store it in PDF.  Thanks for your help.
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