The type or namespace name 'Gma' could not be found

I am trying to follow the below tutorial

I have included the UserActivityMonitor project and am trying to reference it but i keep getting The type or namespace name 'Gma' could not be found error.

Here is a screenshot of my project, does anyone know what i need to do?

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meispiscesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you could either post that the .dll has not been included in the code project comments section or could follow the link

I guess the author needs to add the .dll

Also refer

Hope this helps!

thanks much!
I think you can do that
Have you set the project dependency in Solution Explorer? If you set the project to be dependent on the UserActivityMonitor, the GMA assembly would be compiled and placed in the reference list.
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Jonesey007Author Commented:
Not quite sure what you mean there mohammed mabs?

@dileepan k
Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunatly i've already set that
Installation Recorder is already dependant on Gma.UserActivityMonitor ??

I've tried clean and Build, is there anything else i need to do to make sure its in the reference list?

Jonesey007Author Commented:
That worked perfectly, after reading all the comments i saw this one

Download the source.
Open the solution.
Build it in release mode.
The dll will appear in GlobalHook\Gma.UserActivityMonitor\bin\Release
In your project, add a reference to that dll.
In your class, add a "using Gma.UserActivityMonitor;"
Then add the events with "HookManager.WhateverEvent += WhateverEventHandlerMethod;"

Now i am referencing the DLL instead of including the project. The application is working again.
Thanks meispisces
@Jonesey007: Thanks for the appreciation.!!
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