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How to log out of Amazing Charts with AutoIT script - Control-L fails.

Amazing Charts is a EMR that uses a ThunderRT6FormDC.
When user on console is in the application "CTRL-L" logs the user out bringing back to log in screen and not having to reload the program.  Very cool.  
  In AutoIT controlsend, controlsettext or send fails to log out the user.  Keys tried included "^L", {CNTRLDOWN}L{CNTRLUP}, {ASC 012}.
ControlSetText("Amazing Charts","",36,"^L")
ControlSend("Amazing Charts","",1,"ASC 012")

OS: Windows7;64

Does anyone know the "secret handshake" that will make this work?
Thank you.
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Is it specific to the left or right control keys?  i.e. have you tried Send('{LCTRL}L') or Send('{RCTRL}L') also just to test, if you send other keys to the program do they work?

Oh and also have a look at Opt('SendKeyDelay'...) your system might be sending the keys to fast for the program to recognise it especially if you're using mulitle send commands, you can even test by putting a sleep(100) between your Ctrl L and the previous command.

Also try using a lowercase 'L' instead of a capital one, some programs only work with one or the other.

The {CTRLDOWN}{CTRLUP} method always works best for me. Something I noticed in your post that would fail your script if it's the same, is that you spelled these with an 'N' as in {CNTRLDOWN} and {CNTRLUP}. You may want to double check that it's not that way in your script.
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