move mac os operating system from one computer to another

i need to move os x 10.5 from my one G5 to my other G5 and I've lost the original disc
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You can do that using:
or Carbon Copy Cloner

To do this:
1. Boot target G5 in 'target mode'. After hearing the start up chime, press letter T on the keyboard and keep it pressed until you see the firewire symbol on it's screen.
2. Connect the G5 with a Firewire cable to the 'source' G5.
3. Start the cloning program of your choice to create the copy. Both programs support this set up.

There is no guarantee that the target G5 will actually be able to boot from that system though, unless the two models are (more or less) identical. And I don't know if this is in compliance with Apple's End User License. You should be able to find second hand installer DVDs.

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The mac hardware agreement on the G5 includes a license to run the OS.
The G5s pretty much universally booted any other version or installation of the OS across the entire range - it's only between different processor architectures that there are problems.
Adrian CantrillSolutions ArchitectCommented:
Since you have a 'license' for the software (as roylong above has suggested it comes with the G5) then you can obtain the media from anywhere and install it that way, if you prefer a clean install.
If you've got a firewire cable, just boot your target machine up in target mode, connect it to your source machine and use disk utility on that to duplicate your source machine's drive to your target machine. This will effectively clone the two machines. I use Intel Macs but I assume that the G5s will work in the same way.

Be sure to either shut down your source machine before booting the other one or rename it so there aren't network clashes.
Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
you can test before you proceed.

You need a firewire cable. Put the unit you want the OS to move in Target mode. (restart by holding T key down).

once in target mode, plug the cables in. turn the other G5 on by holding ALT key down, it will give you option to boot from the other computers HDD. click and boot. if it boots then you can be sure it will boot after cloning.

easiest way to clone would be :

take the hdd out of the G5 and put it into the G5 which you are moving to and boot normally. You will then see the drive there.

Use disk utility to restore from target to destination
or use Carbon Copy cloner or super duper as suggested above.
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