Highpoint RAID 5 broke

I have a Highpoint 454 raid made of 4 x 160gb. All of a sudden it started to beep, switched the server (SBS2003) off and when restarting it reported that the raid was broken (during startup) The Windows Event Viewer seems not to have noticed this crash. I o not know how to proceed now.
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tsmgeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
raid is broken but should tell you which disk has failed so you can replace it
turn box off and change failed disk
turn on and see if its noted the new disk and starts the rebuild
RAID controllers normally have utilities which will tell you the state of the array. Those tools are normally accessible via a key-combination at startup. Once within that tool you should see what the problem is, and then you can also act accordingly.

Normally there are also utilities for the RAID controllers you can install within windows, and with those you can also monitor the array while windows is running.
Check all connectors on all hardware. Vibrations can slowly erode cable connectors, unplug then replug all HDD cables.  
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This won't be pleasant.  The 454 is low-end, your drives are ancient, and this controller doesn't have enough intelligence to use idle time to repair bad blocks.  So based on your description and my assumption about the age of everything ... you are going to already have a lot of data corruption

You probably have no idea if this was running in degraded mode, either.

If your backup is less than a few days old, you are probably wise to just restore onto NEW disks.  (A pair of 500GB SATA disks configured as RAID1 will be MUCH faster anyway).

Even if you could force a rebuild with a new disk, you will end up with corruption, assuming that he controller even starts a rebuild.

If your backup is lacking ....  and the data is worth a few thousand dollars, then turn it all off, and take it to a well-researched recovery firm.  Be prepared for a few thousand dollars.

If none of the above is an option, call HighPOint.   They will have release notes and recovery techniques and perhaps some diagnostics that are specific to your firmware that may be able to get it limping along.  

If still no luck...   Download an eval if runtime.org 's RAID reconstructor.  Free to try, pay to buy.  It will rebuild the RAID onto a new 500GB non-RAID disk, so then you can boot from that from a non-RAID controller, and get going., or it can repair onto a new 160 drive.  But it does NOT have a lot if intelligence when it comes to dealing with partial reconstruction, so you run risk of making things much worse unless you rebuild onto a whole new set of disks.


Run a full backup, Shutdown, pull all the RAID drives and number them as you pull them out.
Put in New drives and maybe a better RAID controller, setup a RAID Drive on those drives.
Install your OS, Restore your backup to the new RAID set.

That's the generic instructions.

TheoRichelAuthor Commented:
Gentlemen, I have replaced the disk and rebuild the raid and everything runs as should. No sign of any corruption whatsoever.
Keep your backups up, glad to hear you have not had any corruption.

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