Pointer to callback in VB.net

I'm working with an SDK to integrate with a Biometric device.

Now I'm stuck with this callback I have no idea how I need to implement that.
typedef struct abs_operation {
ABS_DWORD OperationID;
void* Context;
ABS_LONG Timeout;

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This code I tried is throwing me an “attempt to writ e to protected memory” error.
 Not workingAny help is appreciated.


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You can declare a new class on your Vb code:

Public Delegate Sub Abs_Callback() 'You need know about Abs_callback parameters
Class abs_operation
    Public OperationID As Integer ' ABS_DWORD -  32 bit ?
    Public Context As Byte()    ' void* - pass a byte array as documentation ...
    Public Callback As Abs_Callback 'ABS_CALLBACK
    Public Timeout As Long ' ABS_LONG
    Public Flags As Integer ' ABS_DWORD ;
End Class

Then Initialize it:

  Dim abs_operation As New abs_operation With _
      {.OperationID = 1, .Context = New Byte(256) {}, _
      .callback = AddressOf myCalBackProc, _
      .Timeout = 100}

Note: I do´nt know about exact type for ABS_DWORD, long ..., also for context you can use a string or a initialized StringBuilder.

myCalBackProc is a method on your code that matches parameters as declarated delegate.

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