Need to check PC speed [not internet download speed]


I think Norton Security Suite slows down a pc.  I'm ready to install Norton and want to compare my pc performance before and after installation of Norton.  Please advise.


Using Windows 7
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Novabench is freeware and includes benchmarks for all system components. It also has an option to compare your results to other peoples.
jstaron--Please let us know the speed results before and after Norton!  :)
Norton slows things down much less now than before 2008.
Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
Like my colleague's said you can use Passmark, 3D mark, amd n bench and whole host of others if you Google it. How ever take my dumb advise and do not install Norton on your computer it will grind it to a halt. Norton uses about 30% of system resources and with all Norton processes running there will be no space left to do anything else. Now I do not endorse anyone product nor do it get paid to tell you what to choose, so in my opinion avast has a small footprint on resources, sophos, f-secure and clam av.
If you truly want speed then, to really bench mark a pc then you will have to purchase speed parts, let say
1066mhz MB, a dual core or quad core say 2.5Ghz 1066mhz, 6 or 12mb L2cache, Nvidia geforce 9800m GT Turbo cache,  3.0 gB transfer sata drive or solid state, 6gb of ddr3 running at 1066mhz now thats a nifty platform video rendering, gaming, and all sort of multitasking, drop noron on it and watch it crawl. I'm saying proper bench marking needs the right combination of parts basically running at the same speed for true test, memory mismatch in mass produce computer cause latency for instance u have mobo that runs at 1066, but your memory running at 800 your moboard now only operates at 800mhz.

your computer is as fast as the slowest component attached to it.
so even without benchmarking your computer, find the slowest component in there and thats the speed of your rid. Microsoft offers at test to score your computer for system running Vista and windows seven try it it will show you, your slowest component and give your computer a score, this will be a baseline for you to knwo what to upgrade to get the speed you're looking for.

hope this helps.
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