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Is it possible to create a SharePoint site with open public access or a site where users can create their own username and password?  I want to create a site with an info form for users to fill out without having to set them up first.  Thanks
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GeorgeGerguesConnect With a Mentor Commented:

one of two ways.

AS you know the application must be tied to one authentication provider
[1] Default is windows, so you will need to enable a guest type account and have the user name and password passed to the page by the page itself.

[2] Extend your application , use forms based authentication and allow anonymous login , and at that stage you should be able to configure your security , to trim down where is public and private access depending on sites etc.

Here are some pointer for more reading

[4] 2010[/

Best of luck.
Jim2009Author Commented:
Awesome!!! # 4 was exactly what I was looking for.   Works great.   Thanks.
I am going to post another questions concerning building a secure form for users to input contact info.
I am going to close this one.  You get A +
Jim2009Author Commented:
Saved me a lot of time.   Quick response.  Greatly appreaciated.
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