Wordpress admin not propegating

In my wordpress admin, I have 4 categories, ( 2 added from 2)
but when I refresh my site's page, it still says one, the original one. ?  Does it take an hour to set itself up?

What am I doing wrong?


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beavoidAuthor Commented:
Oh, okay

Makes Sense

A Category only appears in the menu if it has a post in it.
Where is you 1 category showing up? If you have WordPress Custom menu's you can create or add the categories to the menu. Go to Appearance>Menu's, then from the left side toolbar select the category you created and add it to the menu.

If this isn't what you mean please describe in better detail what you problem is.
beavoidAuthor Commented:
I took a little time to think it over, and I just need an item in the category for it to show up
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