Moving from 2003 Active Directory to 2008 R2 Active Directory

We are in the process of migrating over from a 2003 Active Directory to 2008 R2 Active Directory.  Here is a quick rundown on what we have and the steps.  If I am missing a step or any suggestions would be appreciated.

Our Current Environment:
2 DC's
- Main: 2003 R2 Standard
- Secondary: 2003 Enterprise

We want a 2008 R2 (64-Bit) Active Directory and decommission the secondary server (windows 2003 Enterprise).

Forest and Domain Prep on Secondary Server (use 2008 R2 32 Bit Disc)
Add AD Role on 2008 R2 Server
Static IP Address on 2008 R2 Server
Run DC Promo on 2008 R2 64 Bit Server
Make sure it’s a Global Catalog Server
Seize roles from Secondary DC to NEW DC
Decommission Second Server

Thank you,
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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You have most of the steps down, just a few

the adprep is adprep32 from the 2008 R2 disk (there is no 32 bit disk for 2008 R2)

Do you currently run DNS on your DCs.  If you do also make the new box a DNS server (same screen as the global catalog check box)

Then make sure that clients (static and DHCP) point to the new DC for DNS.  


BiotechsAuthor Commented:
Thanks, yes there is a folder with the 32-Bit preps.

Yes the DC's are running DNS and I will add that.

Thanks again!!
You should not need to seize the roles but transfer them through the gui.
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