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Help with Shell Scripting

I am trying to write a shell script that looks for  a file in  a specified directory which is not being used. It is  a log file  which gets written sometimes.  So I need an o/p something like this

return code 1 - If the file is found and not used

return code 2- If the file is not found

return code 3 - if the file is found but is being written.

Can someone please help me on this.
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1 Solution
The following code assumes that if the file hasn't been written to after 60 seconds, then it isn't being used.  Adjust the time to whatever suits your environment.


[ -f $LOG ] || exit 2

now=$(date +%s)
mod=$(stat -c %Y $LOG)
let age="now - mod"

[ $age -gt 60 ] && exit 1

exit 3

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bumblebee500Author Commented:
thanks Tintin

Can you please suggest me some modifications, i understand that this script is checking for the timestamp, suppose lets say if this file is copied by other user at the same time, can I get the status then.

So in short I also want to know if this file is accessed by other user. Sorry for not being clear the first time.

Change %Y to %X, ie:

mod=$(stat -c %X $LOG)

this will give the time of last access rather than time of last modification.
bumblebee500Author Commented:
Ok I will try this and will let you know.

thanks a lot.
if you have lsof installed on your system, you'll get more accurate results.
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