Set-up Maximum Log File Size growth in SQL 2005

Hello experts,

Please advise waht is the best practice to set-up max file log size growth in SQL 2005. As per the attached screenshot, it is set to 2 TB, my plan is to set it to 2 GB so that log size will not grow beyond 2 GB.

Is this correct?

Please advise.

Thanks and Regards Autogrowth
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Anthony PerkinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>Please advise waht is the best practice to set-up max file log size growth in SQL 2005<<
Whatever works for you in your particular case.  Just understand that when you set a max and a query causes the max to be reached, than it will fail as well as all subsequent queries, until the transaction log is backed up (if the Recovery Model is set to Full) or a checkpoint is reached (when the Recovery Model is set to Simple)
depends on how big your datafile is . if its a huge datafile and you are doing huge updates or inserts or even reindexing, or sorting then 2GBs will fill up quite quickly. i would suggest you set it to grow by 10% and monitor it for a few weeks. If you are satisfied that xGBs is the max file to keep then set it to that.

Daniel_PLConnect With a Mentor DB Expert/ArchitectCommented:
Please note when log will reach max size value without any intervention (manually resizing or adding additional log file) database will stop.
I suggest changing default percentage grow to value in MB.

Read some advices from Kimberly L. Tripp and Paul S. Randal ;):
Its better to analyze your database growth with 2 TB\unlimited growth option for a week and then set your criteria with this. As others said above, the log growth completely depends upon the transactions happening on the server, so I think this is the correct way. Apart from that the percentage of size growth also matters a lot. Consider it too for configuring your log.
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