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php xml get value of node

How can I get "bla" in the below dump of my node
Essentially bla is what is contained in my node
<mynode name="myvalueone" display="myvalue2">bla</mynode>

  public '@attributes' => 
      'name' => string 'myvalueone' (length=65)
      'display' => string 'myvalue2' (length=9)
  string 'bla' (length=3)

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1 Solution
The code below traverses the simplexml object and you can see the text gets printed out where there are no children of a node (therefore a leaf node) and the resulting string has a length greater than zero.

If you want to find the text for a specific node then add code to compare the $node->getName() to the one you want and then find the child node with no children.

Making alterations to this code should familiarize yourself with what is all in the returned simplexml object.

You can also run an xpath query which returns specific text from a input query.  Explained in the manual here:


for your example the command would look like:

$result = $sxml->xpath('/mynode');
foreach ($result as $oneresult) {
    echo "found", $oneresult, "<BR>";

      echo '<PRE>';
       $xml_file = "????.htmlorxml";
	$sxml = simplexml_load_file($xml_file,'SimpleXMLElement',LIBXML_NOCDATA);
	echo '</pre>';

	print dumpIt($sxml);
function dumpIt($node) {
	$output = "<DIV style=\"padding: 0px 0px 0px 20px;\">".$node->getName()."\n";
	$att = $node->attributes();
	if ($att) {  // is false if there are no attributes
		$output .= "<UL>";
		foreach ($att as $att_key => $att_value) {
			$output .= "<LI> [".$att_key ."] = ".$att_value;
		$output .= "</UL>";
	if ($node->count() == 0) { // check for leaf node
		$node_text = (string)$node;
		if (strlen($node_text) > 0) {
			$output .= "<UL>[internal text] = ". trim($node) ."</UL>\n";				
	} else {
		foreach ($node as $key => $value) {
			$output .= dumpIt($value);
	$output .= "</DIV><BR>\n";
	return $output;

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