How to create a file share on a server that is accesible from outside the domain on Windows Server 2008 R2

We have a Windows Distribution Server that we use to install Windows on the PCs connected to it via PXE booting.

The PCs do NOT get registered onto the servers domain after installation is complete which I'm pretty sure is where we are coming unstuck.

Attempts to create a share and giving 'everyone' full control have not succeed I think think for the reason I stated above.

Is there a way to create a share that is accessible without authentication or password or registering the PC on the domain?

Alternatively, if anyone is able to provide a solution that allows the PCs to registered and then removed from the domain once the OS is resealed into OOBE that would be great also.
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You should not give EVERYONE full control, but I think that rather just Read at the share and NTFS level. You probably also need to enable the local guest account on the WDS server.

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scorptecAuthor Commented:
i think our company needs to rethink how we implemented these servers. We have 3 of them each at different sites and none of them are part of the companys domain which is making the authentication a pain.

We want to be able to access the file shares from customers computers which are not on the domain. Not having to logon with the correct domain and user etc would be a lot better that what is possible currently.

What I have done is changed the file share permisson to read and execute and enabled the guest account.

Does enabling the guest account mean that PCs on the domain can log in without authenticating? Because that appears to be what happened just now when I tested it. Or did is it more likely that I tweaked something without realising that might have done that?

Sorry for the noob questions. Just getting my feet wet with this stuff. :)

Yes you can now connect without authenticating. That is what you wanted, right?
scorptecAuthor Commented:
yes. points awarded. :)
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