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Deleting user profile off computer that is connected to domain

I have several computers we have been testing on, and a temp user's profile was logged on several computers and the user is part of the domain.  I would like to know how to delete the profile off maybe one of the system instead of all of them and/or how to delete them from all systems.    I tried going under System Properties and the Advanced tab and User profiles but the delete is grayed out.
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Make sure you are not logged in with the same user account you are trying to delete. The best option would be to login with an adminstrator account and then delete the profile.
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I guess I should have clarified, I am logged in as the Administrator to the domain on the workstation and I see the Administrator account as well as the three test user profiles under the Domain\Username
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I just tried logging in as a Domain Administrator on a computer... and yes, the delete option was grey out.  However, it is available when i login as the computer's local administrator.
The reboot did the trick, the delete button wasn't grayed out anymore after the reboot.  Thanks a bunch.