How to configure notebook to use different networks

Hi experts,

I log on to my company domain (using a LAN cable) and access to the Internet via a proxy server (which is configured in IE). The proxy server blocks several sites, some of which I require for my work.

I have a personal wireless dongle and I would like to access to the Internet via the wireless dongle only. All other network access e.g. email, share folders etc to still route via the company network. My current practice is to manually unplug the network cable and connect to my wireless network when I am surfing the web.

Any idea on how I can configure my computer to automatically use the wireless dongle for Internet surfing only? I'm thinking if the solution is to add a static route (route add) but I'm not sure what to add.

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brendanmeyerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can set the wireless network device higher in the network order

In network adapter settings
On the menu "Advanced"->Advanced Settings
Move the Wireless device up, to the top.
You may need to reboot your machine.

Or you can add a route
from Command Prompt
route DELETE
route ADD mask <gateway of your wireless device>

the gateway can be found from "ipconfig /all"
if you have a dynamic ip on your you might have to change this each time you connect to your wireless internet
kuohConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Be aware that your company most likely has a policy for acceptable network and equipment usage, since they have seen fit to monitor internet activity.  If you need these websites for work, notify management / IT and they will add them to the exception list.  If you're surfing using your laptop, then it is best not to connect it to the corporate network at all.  If you're using a company laptop, it is best to adhere to company policy.  Purposely or unwittingly exposing the corporate network to the internet via your laptop may be detrimental to your continued employment.

DecarnAuthor Commented:
Hi brendanmeyer,
Thanks for the tip. I need to add in another static route for my company traffic.

Hi kuoh,
Thanks for highlighting. My company does allow us to work from home, i.e. using our own ISP. However, I do understand that there may be security concerns to use both our own ISP and company network at the same time. Are you able to highlight them?
JordanlcnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To emphasize what kuoh said.

The main reason why companies implement internet blocking/monitoring, it is to protect the internal network. In doing this you are opening up another door to the internal network.

its like this.

Local Net <> Laptop <> internet.   all it needs for a simple worm, trojan to get to your pc and start accessing local network resources.

They allow you to use your own home ISP outside mainly because since you are not connected to the internal network, hence no risk.

I would rather put out a request for the websites you need opened.

DecarnAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for your feedback.
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