iPad Calendar Sync Issue Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollup 2

Recently upgraded from MS SBS 2003 to MS SBS 2011 really without any major issues.  I do have one user that is having issues sync'ing his calendar via his iPhone and iPad.  He was having issues prior to the migration.  The issues started when he recently went out of the country and changed the data plan while abroad.  Once he returned, switched his account back...it would not sync email and/or calendar.  Per Apple's recommendations, I went under General > Reset > Reset Network Settings, and everything appeared to be working correctly once the phone rebooted.

Post migration, email is sync'ing without any issues.  Calendar has been problematic.  Originally some of his weekly, annually reoccurring appointments-dates were all shifted around...the reminders where coming up 322+ days over due, 88 days, they would not dismiss to due to end times occurring before start times...etc.  So I manually went into his calendar and deleted the items, and re-created them with the correct times/dates...now those issues appear to be cleared up.

HIs iPhone appears to be sync'ing fine, both the email and calendar...the iPad email is sync'ing fine, but the iPad calendar is just hard locked, you can't do anything.  He took the iPad to the Apple Store...they cleared it, updated it, and re-enabled the account...and same thing...so it would appear that the issue is coming from the exchange server.  I am not really seeing any issues in the event logs, they are fairly clear.  The one thing I do see, is in the EMC under the users mobile phones the sync times appear to occur in the 'future'...all of the iPhones with the same "ID numbers"...here is what I am seeing:

Apple-iPad/702 500      iPad      Monday, March 28, 2011 1:56:41 AM

Apple-iPhone2C1/803.1480001      iPhone      Monday, March 28, 2011 12:11:19 AM

Apple-iPhone/704.11      iPhone      Sunday, March 27, 2011 10:11:46 PM (correct)

There are two other IPhones that have the 2C1/80x.xxxxx and they have the incorrect time as well, but they haven't reported any sync'ing issues, right now the iPad is the only one that is locked up.  As you can see from the info above, the iPhone that has the 704.11 has the correct time and date.

Anyone with any ideas...I was going to try to delete the mobile device from the user account, delete the account from the iPad...reset up the device...and see what happens.  Currently I don't have the iPad in hand to test this...any ideas of where to look or settings to check would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again.
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Make sure that he doesn't have multiple calendars on the ipad.  Sometimes, there will be a local calendar, a calendar for exchange, and other calendars.  You can go into the calendar app and click on "Calendars" on the top left to see what calendars are being displayed.

Confirm that the calendar looks ok in OWA or Outlook.  Then remove the Exchange account from the IPAD and reset it up.  The IPAD's calendar should look like OWA.
spencerburkeAuthor Commented:
When he brought this to the Apple Store...the deleted and reset up the account, and verified that all the account settings were indeed correct.  I think at this point, my best bet maybe to delete the account from the iPad, delete the device from the users profile in the SBS Exchange server, and attempt to reset up the account on the iPad...hopefully this will work.  I will double check the "multiple calendars" and make sure...that is a good suggestion.  I will have to see, thanks again for the suggestions.
Mohammad Ishtyaq khatriSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
Dont deleted it from sbs exchange, just do is recreate on Ipad. If he doesn't have any issue with Iphone or owa then the accunt seems to be fine so there is no point to delete it frm exchange, Just do is recreated the account on Ipad. when you set up an exchange account it will ask you to select the sync choice like contact cal. & all,  on apple products it ask  where you have to keep the current calendar which is by defaul as a the device calendar. If you select 'keep' then it will keep you exchange as well as your device cal. so if you wont use device called just click on delete local cal. & it will replace with the exchange cal.
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spencerburkeAuthor Commented:
I can try deleting the current account on the iPad again, but I don't ever remember seeing the "keep current calendar" part on the iPad when setting up the new account, but I will try it again and make sure, it may have been there?  I will let you know.  Thanks for the suggestion.
Mohammad Ishtyaq khatriSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
it will pop-up when you select the sync items.
spencerburkeAuthor Commented:
No pop-up.  Still having an issue.  I was able to sync another persons calendar to it without any issue.  So I have to assume there is an issue within his calendar that is causing the lockup.  I did notice that he had appointments back from 2000-2011…so I went into Exchange Management Console and adjusted the settings to allow only 6 months sync…deleted his account on the iPad as well as the device associated with his Exchange Mobile account…and sure enough, when I re-setup the account…boom…all of the appoitments came in…nice one MS.  I have been looking in the 'new' calendar repair features that are in Exchange 2010, but I haven't seem to find anything that works…I used the basic commands with outlook from the Run menu to clear and/or repair…and nothing…any more ideas?
Mohammad Ishtyaq khatriSr. Systems EngineerCommented:
You can try using owa, just go to owa-->options-->mobile device. Check the last sync timing, then remove the active sync account from the ipad & at the same time remove the device from the owa as well. then recreate the profile
Glen KnightCommented:
Delete the Exchange account from the iPad under Settings > Mail Contacts Calendars.  Cycle the power in the iPad then configure the account again, male sure it's setup correctly as per: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Server_Software/Email_Servers/Exchange/A_3211-Configure-iPhone-for-use-with-Exchange-Server.html

If it's on an internal wifi network then you will need to make some DNS changes as per my guide here: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Server_Software/Email_Servers/Exchange/A_3703-Use-iPhone-on-wifi-network-without-the-need-to-reconfigure.html

Then finally, if the user is a member of a built in security group then it could be the inheritance black, see here for how  to resolve this: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Server_Software/Email_Servers/Exchange/A_2861-Activesync-Working-But-Only-For-Some-Users-On-Exchange-2007-2010.html
spencerburkeAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone for the suggestions.  I was able to fix the issue manually...I went into Outlook and viewed all the appointments (under Current View)...when in list form, you could see that about 20+ appointments did not have start times/dates but showed end dates.  None of these appointments were showing up in his calendar, and when I opened the appointments they showed crazy start and end times, the end times weren't the same when looking at them in list form.  I copied down the appointments, deleted the ones in question...and manually added the appointments back with the correct dates/times.  The iPad sync'd without issue and has been working since Monday.  From what I can tell, the "new" Calendar Repair Assistant in Exchange 2010 over assisted during the migration.

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Glen KnightCommented:
Thanks for sharing that solution with us.  It's a new one on me :)
spencerburkeAuthor Commented:
This is what I had to do to get the issue fixed.
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