The database is in archivelog mode   and database crashed..corruption is found scattered among the file system neither or my doing or nor of oracle's ..May I know the recovery option available
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
if fully depends on which backup (files) you have.
if you have the last full backup + all the archive logs since, you can restore the full backup, and apply all the archive logs before you open the db back into normal operational mode
that is the best scenario.

otherwise, you will get into quite complex situations, usually with data loss.

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Right a3.

Plus, I assume you have your logs and backups stored offline, not affected by the corruption.

It is also critical to find if you have corruption in the current online redo logs, that will dictate whether you can fully recover or not. If the online logs are still good (run dbverify), and you have a good backup, followed by an unbroken chain of archive logs ending with the current live logs, you can fully recover.

You can also do block level recovery of specific areas, to reduce the overall recovery time. Google docs on "oracle block level recovery"
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