Windows 2008 hyper-v client OS access over RDP


Say I have a Win 2k8 R2 w/hyper-v which has 10 win7 pro client instances running simultaneously.

q1. Can I assign more than 1 user to use same win7 instance at the same time? If yes what is the maximum of number of users I can assign to a single instance considering I have unlimited resource assigned to that instance.

q2. If 25 users are connecting to win7 at the same  time on different instances, do I need 25 RDS cal for my Win 2k8 server or do I need any other kind of cal for win7?

q3. If I use xen as host and win7 as client, how licensing is going to work ( I am running 10 win7 instances, 10 users are connecting at the same time on different instances)?

Thank you
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Sigurdur HaraldssonSystem AdministratorCommented:
Servers can accept more than one simultaneous connection if you install Terminal Services. The Terminal Services are NOT available in Client OS
therefore only one user can connect to them at a time.

2 has therefore no proper answer.

3. You'd need a Client license for each instance. You cannot connect more than one user to each instance at the same time.
_13Author Commented:
Thank you!
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