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I have a domain that carried throuth two domain controllers machines. these two machines act also as NTP local servers.
My problem is :
i have time shift 14 minuits exceded of normal time , So all computer in domain have the same time shift.
is there a procedure to correct time into these two machines for correction the domain time without any drop into domain services or Exchange 2010 servers?
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The PDCe is the "time root" that should sync. its time with a reliable source. All other DCs will sync with the PDCe, while clients will sync with the authenticating DC.

The PDCe can use the HW clock as a source but I like to use an external NTP for this.

You can set it up manually or with a GPO:
Where are these two servers getting their time from?
mtarabayAuthor Commented:
Time from internal OS time zone adjustment.
Making Bulk Changes to Active Directory

Watch this video to see how easy it is to make mass changes to Active Directory from an external text file without using complicated scripts.

I agree with snusgubben that an external time source is the way to go.
I've come across quite noticeable time drift in situations where computer hardware clocks are used as the source for domain time, and changing to a reliable external source has always made the problem go away.
I don't know if you fix the time that Kerberos will break. It has a nominal tolerance of 5 minutes. To be safe you can correct the time by 4 minutes per day on the DPC emulator. Once you are within 5 minutes of the correct time you can set the PDC emulator to use an external time source.  
I would use a internet npt server like in you servers so the servers get the correct time as ntp servers are based on atomic clocks and are like a atomic radio clock
mtarabayAuthor Commented:
Thanks snusgubben, it is working properly without any problem effects to domain or exchange servers.
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