Tools for sending SMS using SMPP

Dear Gurus,

we are looking for (preferably free) tools to send SMS using SMPP protocol. we are developing apps with .NET and Java.

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Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:

I don't know about SMPP, but for SMS  if you know the provider of the mobile phone
number than there is a table of host names associated with each provider, and you can send messages
the same way as emails, say message to ATT phone will be:
[10-digit phone number]

This is the table:

Perhaps there is a way to determine the provider based on number,
but I was sensding only to known numbers so people told me the providers

Akin DeluI’m a software engineer, tech enthusiast and UI/UX lover. Commented:
for dotnet you can google for Devshock.Protocol.Smpp. Its a library for sending sms via smpp in dotnet

  For java check those two links please:

1.      Logica:
2.      JSMPP:

you can check these two sites as well:

cheeck these as well:

check this that helped me in deciding:

It is a set of classes that implement large range of protocols. Here is a couple of other competitors and their assessments that led into choosing this IPWorks SDK (Non C# libraries and SDK were not considered.) Advantages for this toolkit:
1-      Supports SMPP versions 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5.
2-      Sync/Async switching.
3-      In Async mode, performance is the best.
4-      Enables tuning the performance through changing internal buffers.
5-      Supports many protocols; we can utilize SMPP and SMTP.

A small performance glimpse; time each run took to send 1,000 SMS's, with 1MB internal buffer for IPWorks:

"      IPWorks-Sync: 20.046 seconds.
"      IPWorks-Async: 0.019 seconds.
"      SmppClient-Sync: 4.302 seconds.
"      SmppClient-Async: 2.056 seconds.

Bad things regarding this IPWorks:

1-      Sync behavior requires major architectural changes to the library, /n software support told me so.
2-      Does not support many of the protocols we need, only SMPP and SMTP.
3-      Does not enforce windowing, though this may be an advantage that enables us to control the windowing which may enable us increase the performance considerably.

Implements only SMPP, and only version 3.4. This implementation supports windowing.

1-      Supports SMS through GSM, SMPP, HTTP and dialup.
2-      Supports SMS Data: WAP, ringtones, pics&etc. This can be also implemented by the original smpp protocol, that is can be done through any other tool kit but here they have considered directly in the design and implementation of the library.
3-      Include paging and MMS(MM1,4 and 7 and slides)
4-      Does perfect windowing, though this is what makes slow performance.


1-      Supports only version 3.4 of SMPP!
2-      Querying the status returns only submitted unless delivery report requested, does not keep querying status.
3-      Has it own message ID, not the ID returned from the SMSC.
4-      Very SLOW! A bit better than IPWorks synchronous behavior, while this is always asynchronous!
5-      No sync/async behavior switching, only asynchronous.

Well, this is not a toolkit, but this is a java simulator I used all through the tests. Configured it on some remote machine and started my tests..

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riazpkAuthor Commented:
Thanks every one.
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