Migrating SUN JES to Exchange 2010 Subscribed Calendars and Outlook 2003

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had any experience migrating from Sun JES to an Exchange environment?  My main question is about Subscribed calendars and shared mailboxes.  Is there a way of exporting subscription details over to exchange or Outlook 2003 so that Users are able to access these calendars/maliboxes with out having to manually add the accounts again?
  Currently all calendars have read permissions for everyone.  Anyone can subscribed to an individuals calendar.  Each user will have varying amounts of subscribed calendars.  From what I have seen on the web though, there does not appear to be a simple way of transfering this subscription info into Outlook 2003 and Exchange does not handle subscription details, is this still correct?  I thought about VB Scripts but even if the it could be done with VB, we would have to create a custom VB Script for every user.  I have no knowledge of VB, so I am not sure if this is correct.

If anyone has any insight into this type of migration I would appreciate it.  
Further info:
For the majority of the Migration we are going to use IMAP and a script that will open each SUN account in Outlook - Generate a .pst and then import that .pst into Exchange.  
We then plan to use Exfolders or similar set permissions on Calendars / Mailboxes

Thank you
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My company migrated from Sun to Exchange 2010/Outlook 2010. We decided that trying to copy calendar settings or server-side filters from Sun takes too much work and complicates things.
We migrated only mail folders and messages. Users have archival data in their old mail clients.

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Zanthras1stAuthor Commented:
Many of our users only used the web version of Sun to access their e-mail so they will not have any archives.  I understand why you went with your option though... I think zero user config is a pipedream.   We may be better off spending our time writting a couple of good howto guides, so users can set up the calendars.  If there is another solution that will cause less grumbling though I'd like to hear it! ;-)
Thank you for your reply
But your users will still have access to old webmail, right? That's archive :)
AFAIK there is no simple and elegant way to copy Sun features to Exchange.
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Zanthras1stAuthor Commented:
Hi mpilarczyk,

For confirming my suspicions and seeing how no further comments have appeared, I will award you the 500 points.  

Zanthras1stAuthor Commented:
the answer provided confirmed suspicions that I already had, that the Shared Folders / Calendars on Sun JES, would not be transferable in a smooth migration to Exchange 2010.
There was one way to move calendars we considered but its complicated on large scale. You can use Sun Outlook Connector on Outlook 2003, configure it with your JES and then export calendars in iCalendar format which can be imported to Outlook/Exchange 2010.
Zanthras1stAuthor Commented:
We can get the calendar info across that is not a problem.  We just hoped to have zero user input.  Currently our users will have to search for and add all the calendars they were previously subscribed to.  I had hoped to have outlook 2003 configured to automatically reconnect to the new shared calendars, as far as I can tell that is going to be either impossible or impractical.
Zanthras1stAuthor Commented:
It might be worth saying we have around 4000 users to migrate, all with varying amounts of calendar subscriptions
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