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Dear Experts,
I have two requirements here with my select query ( see attach code)
I wanting to have 2.5 % of records. I want random records and not the TOP records. how could i get this?

Second requirement. if you see my where clause i have disposition in (RNR,ptp,nb,cb) now I want this in priority.
it should check if it got RNR records if not  then it should check for PTP and then NB .. so on.
how could I set the priorty search?
Any suggestions are highly appreciated.
select top 2.5 percent * from [table_name]
where status='negative' and deli_day='30' and 
[disposition] in ('RNR','PTP','NB','CB')

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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
you want to use the TABLESAMPLE syntax:
select top 2.5 percent * from [table_name]
 where status='negative' and deli_day='30' and
 [disposition] in ('RNT','PTP','NB','CB')
order by
 disposition desc,

This will work because 'RNT','PTP','NB','CB' happen to be in reverse alphabetical order.
parpaaAuthor Commented:
Thanks @Jerm,
what if it is not in the reverse alphabetical order

say something like this?
where in (PTP,ABC,RNR,NB)
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parpaaAuthor Commented:
Thanks @Angel
Tablesample clause is something new to me. thanks for sharing
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Don't use RAND() in a SQL Statement it is not random, instead use NEWID().
then you'll have to do a CASE clause to get them in the order you want i.e.
... order by
(CASE [disposition]
   when 'PTP' THEN 1
   when 'ABC' THEN 2
 .... etc ....

p.s. I didn't test that but it should work... I think.
parpaaAuthor Commented:
Thank you soo much for your time guys .. It was good learning.
@Jerm I will test that. I understand the logic behind, thats all I want.
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