new sbs2008 problems

We have just replaced our old sbs2003 server with an sbs2008 server. The sbs2008 server was installed disconnected from the network, and then connected in to transfer data accross from the old one to the new. 2 completely seperate domain names and server names.

We also then ran the internet connection wizard to connect the new server to the web. (with the old server still running).

We have now disconnected the old server and are running on the new one entirely.

We seem to have some issues which I could do with some help with resolving.

Every now and then the Internet connection is lost. ie It feels like a dns issue in as much as I can see the router is connected, (ie to the ISP) but the server no longer sees it. I can ping it, but when I run the internet connection wizard again, it finds the router and server, but than fails the test at the end. Eventually it comes back on. I can also still ping external IP addresses. Any ideas?

I also get problems when adding a new workstation. It connects to the domain OK, but then when we try to configure the Outlook client, we keep getting asked for the username and password for "remote"?

If I cancel it about 3 times it does connect to the exchange mailbox, but it is very annoying.

In addition nslookup does not find anything on its own. Looks like a an IP6 response, however if I type NSLOOKUP SBS2008 it responds correctly.

Not sure whether I need to add a forwarder to the DNS, but when I do, it connot resolve the address.

Really odd behavior but I would welcom any assistance in trying to resolve these things.

Any ideas where to start?

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You definately need to use forwarders so that the DNS in your server can lookup addresses outside of yourdomain.local

What DNS addresses do your clients on the network get?
nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
the clients get which is the local IP address for the server.

The internet connection works without the forwarders present, so unsure as to whether we actually need this for sbs2008? I know we used to require this with SBS2003, but SBS2008 when we have used the Internet connection wizard..?

The problem is, it just seems to stop working every now and then, and I cant find what is causing it. When it happens, I try restarting the router, sometimes it works, sometimes not. I take a look round the DNS, all seem to be OK. I reload the DNS, and sometimnes that works. I just hab#ve not managed to pinpoint where the problem is.
It might be worth disabling IPv6 on the new server, if not done already.

Another source of errors might be the difference in network configuration between old and new servers. Did the SBS 2003 box use dual NICs and the Windows firewall as per Microsoft's best practice? If so, the fact that SBS 2008 doesn't use this arrangement but expects a single NIC may be contributing to the issue.

Why did you leave the old server running on the network when you ran the CEICW to connect the new one to the internet?

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nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
The problem was a know issue with SBS2008 where the default gateway was missing after each reboot. We downloaded a fix detailed in KB 973243 and also default-gateway-on-sbs-2008-every-time-you-reboot.aspx

Hope this helps somone else.
nigelbeatsonAuthor Commented:
Whilest this did not resolve the issue, you were the only one who responded so please accept the points anyway. Thanks.
That is most kind of you, though I have to say that rarely have I received so much in exchange for so little...
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