DIR comand of a blank line brings back random data

I was writing some code when I discovered if I do the following I get random data

Text2 = Dir("", vbNormal)
in this case I jot ADDSCCUS.DLL, in another program I had about.frm

System Vista Home Prem
VB6 with SP6

i have written code that test for a blank line but I am surprised it works this way
Is DIR not the comand to use anymore?
Has some one an explanation?
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the above page suggest that the result is determined by the physical location of the file on disk or in the FAT.

i experimented a little with this and it seems to be correct.

Colin_TAuthor Commented:
that  explains where it gets the names from.
is the treatment of a blank entery a design feature or a bug
Colin_TAuthor Commented:
Partial answer
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