How to access headless linux on spare CPU ?

Hi All,

I want to learn / study Linux by using my spare HP Desktop dc7700 PC without monitor (headless) so I wonder if the following scenario is working with Ubuntu / KUbuntu Linux:

(see the attached)

The ultimate goal is to be able to connect to the Linux server using VNC from the Windows Server and then scan the wireless LAN for weak password with aircrack or any other tools from ( because I know that windows cannot be used for such thing anymore.

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An Ubuntu based specialized distribution for such things is BackTrack, so I suggest using that and not Vanilla Ubuntu or other Distro's. Also, you don't need VNC to connect to Linux boxes. It is better to use SSH (if you connect from a Windows box you just need to start xming which is an X-Server emulator and then use Putty to attach to the Linux PC. Then you can start the apps that way, including GUI based apps). This is more secure and faster than when using VNC. Also, SSH  is normally already available by default in many distro's, while VNC often needs to be added or at least configured. Apart from that aircrack and it's associated tools are text based anyway (within BackTrack there is a GUI frontend for them though, called Gerix I believe).

On the other hand you could also run BackTrack as a VM inside VMware player. Many USB based wireless NIC's are supported that way, you wouldn't need a separate PC that way....
jjozAuthor Commented:
many thanks for your reply mate, however I have setup BT 4u1 before but then I give up since I cannot make the USB WLAN working or get the IP address :-|

but so far I have tried using Ubuntu for daily testing but not serious hacking and security matter.
I didn't have issues with backtrack and my USB adapter, it works out of the box. There is also a new version that came out just recently which may support more devices.

The problem with using standard Ubuntu is that for most adapters you need patched kernels or kernel modules for the adapter to work in monitor mode, and in BT the patches are already incorporated.
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jjozAuthor Commented:
ah, ok because the previous Dell VOSTRO 1500 laptop with Intel wireless 3945 BG adapter I can't even connect to the internet :-|

so do you mean using BT4 R2 ? (
Actually it was BT 5, I had misread in last weeks "DistroWatch" weekly and I thought it was already out, but it seems to be ready by 10th. May:

(scroll down to about 1/2 way down).
jjozAuthor Commented:
thanks man !
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