How do I make Wordpress fit with my site? (personalized)

My Wordpress site is 99.9 % ready

- posts are findable in Google,
- My Adsense got cleared instantly (thx EE)

But, how do I make Wordpress look like my site?
I want to change the WP banner to be my own on sign-up, maybe make the background black.
Put Adsense rectangles there. I;m on Godaddy

Maybe some extra text, addwords.

? thx
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jeremyjared74Connect With a Mentor Commented:
White Label CMS plug-in lets you customize the log-in screen and more:

You will need to learn about designing headers to change the "banner". It sounds like you may also want to check out widgets for ad's:


beavoidAuthor Commented:

for installation, at

It wants me to perform the following, but it is not obvious how?

1. Download the White Label CMS plugin
 This Google ? :

2. Upload it to your plugins directory
 In file manager, upload it to wordpress  /  plugins, then leave it there?
3. Go to the plugins directory and activate the plugin
Go to Settings->White Label CMS and use the menu system to change the default values.
Settings in the File Manager ?
Change default values to what, e.g. new image files ?

I'm not sure how far you made it in the install process, but if you aren't able to install it manually you can navigate to the WordPress admin panel then click the Plug-ins settings from the left side tool-bar. You can then click search and type in White Label CMS. When you find it, click install.

It has been awhile since I set it up, so I will have to install it again so I can help you. I'll be back.
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OK, I installed the White Label CMS plug-in, the settings are pretty simple.

Specifically what part are you having trouble with?
beavoidAuthor Commented:

Okay good.

Did it manually like you said.

It is now in the "installed plug-ins" table

If I look at the .php, it isn't obvious what to do now.

How do I change the wordpress logo in the sign-up to be my site's logo ?
beavoidAuthor Commented:


It says I need to change the

Custom Login Logo: custom-login-logo.gif

file for the login I want

Where, how do I find the directory / file system to do that.  
I am on Godaddy
You need to load the image to the folder that the theme you are using is in. It should be in a folder named images. The directory would be something like this:
If your current theme doesn't have a folder named images you can create one. Just right click inside of the theme folder and choose create directory and name it images. Now you can place your logo inside of it.

You can access this using GoDaddy FTP or the GoDaddy file browser, or by using software like FileZilla. Whichever you choose, navigate to the directory shown above and drag your image into the folder. Then you need to go to the White Label CMS settings and change the logo to reflect you actual logo:

Then click one of the save settings button. If it doesn't work, you will recieve a message at the top of the white label cms settings window.
beavoidAuthor Commented:

gives all the info

One mistake I made, was to not be careful about the logo filename, can be tough late at night, when _ underscores look like - hyphens !
The file name is


Thanks so much
You are welcome
beavoidAuthor Commented:

Looks like if I am not logged in, ads don't appear.

Does a browser have to sign up to see an ad?

I'd like ads to be on the page, logged in or not.


Where do you want the ads? You can customize WordPress anyway you want. Tell me where you want the advertisement and I will try to help you place it.

Is the advertisement code your placing (like affiliate marketing), or is it just an ad you are making yourself?
beavoidAuthor Commented:
Idiot Alert!

If you go into adsense control panel, "Adsense Integrator panel" you can enable ads for admin only, for everyone. under the GLOBALLY header

But, if I enable them for everyone, will my IP blocker still work?
I'm not sure you'll have to test it.
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