Installing a MAC OS on a Windows 7 Virtual PC

I was wondering if it is possible to download the lastest version of the Mac OS that I can load into my virtual pc and use for testing and training. My company has several MACs already and is planning on purchasing more in the future. I was really hoping that it would be possible for me to install virtual versions on our PCs for staff members to use and get familiar with and also for us to use for troubleshooting as we come across different isssues with macs in our current enviroment. I know you can download Windows and you get like 30 days to use as a trial version until the activation time expires. If anyone has done this and any links would be greatly appreciated.
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athomsfereConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Possible, yes.

Legal, no.

Apple's EULA specifically states that its operating system can only be installed on a Mac.

In my opinion, this is just one more reason to stay away from the Apple OS, their ridiculous restrictions on how they want you to use your machine and OS.
cmartineauAuthor Commented:
Great I figured that would be too easy. Thanks anyway!
Sure thing, it really is a shame. Many people have made these so called "Hackintosh" machines, but they are illegal.

The risk may be worth it for some home savants with the time and money to buy a machine with the same chipset and CPUs and the Macs, but in a business environment it would not be worth the risk.

cmartineauAuthor Commented:
I agree
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