Install Wireless Printer on Wndows 7

Can someone please outline the typical steps  to install and troubleshoot a Wireless printer on Windows 7 home network (1 Laptop Computer +  1 Wireless ADSL router)   assuming the wizard fails. It doesnt need to be in great level of detail but I need to understand the key items and likely issues I come across.

I just need enough detail to understand at high level to answer questions like - If it was set up offsite on another Wireless router , would it need re-configured on the target router or can the configuration be P2P to make it independant of the router ? What are the typical things that stop a HP Win7 Home Client (Laptop with all the typical pre-installed rubbish & settings) connecting to the the Wifi Printer

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You said "Wireless ADSL Router" and "Wireless printer" which are two different terms. I explained in general.

When you setup Wireless Access Point or Wireless ADSL Router, you need to set first the wireless on access point which needs SSID which will be a name for access point and eveyone can see it. Then security key to make it secure.

If you got Laptop with wireless then you need to search for wireless find your access point and then added and put the shared key and connect to it. The process will be the same if you got wireless printer.

You need go to printer menu and put the SSID name and then key and then printer connect to your network. If you got wired or wireless workstations then can search for printer IP address and added and the last part will be installing the driver.

Some of the Wireless ADSL router got USB port which allows you to connect the printer and set it up. So here is the steps:

1 - connect the printer throught the wireless or wired to network (which gets IP from DHCP server).
2 - ping the printer or put its IP in browser and then see the configuration of printer.
3 - add the printer on workstations and the last part will be the proper driver which will be quite tricky for Windows 7.
wireless printers are no different than network printers.. they will need an IP static is best but if the network works correctly you can use DNS to resolve the name of the printer.

Going form network to Network makes using static IP's harder as the DHCP could hand out a totally different IP scheme or it could be dropped on top of an existing IP for a computer.

IF name resolution is working correctly you can go through the tool and it might work or you can go to add printers and when it asks you for the name just give it the name that the printer has been named.  It will take some preconfiguration of the printer to get a normal name but it is doable.
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