Joomla or WordPress

I have been tasked to rebuild 8 websites they range from 10 to 300 pages. Some of the sites are for work, some free sites (family, church, etc.) and some want to pay me a monthly fee to create/manage/host for them. "Back in the Day" I learned Frontpage and then Dreamweaver and then I moved our work site to a proprietary CMS package and will not turn back to static web pages. I have done approx. 40 hours of personal training on Joomla and "like" it, but wanted to get a more professional opinion. I currently host 6 sites and am very familiar with hosting sites and hosting management software like cPanel, fantasico, and softaculous for creating joomla and wordpress sites on the fly.

I want to know which CMS is the easiest to manage for me the techy? (to build the structure, host, backup, and support)

I want to know which is most intuitive for the content creator and editor? (Easy to keep current and up to date)

I want to know which is most appealing from a artistic and design perspective.

I have a lot of local companies with very old very static sites that I could convert quickly. I want to create non-blog sites with great "look and feel" and good "navigation"

I intend to outsource/hire out the heavy lifting like large site conversion, and custom template building since I have little knowledge of PHP or MySQL.

I will want to make use of the extensible plugins and widgets for: web analytics, photos galleries, newsletters, media, etc.

I will also join a template club to get quick access to good design. (suggestions?)

I have looked briefly at drupal and do not like it.

Not sure how I will score the winner, but make your best case and I will make a decision based on my experience and the info. provided above. External white papers, sites, videos, etc are encouraged and welcome.
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Word press is designed to be more of a blogging platform. I would say Joomla is best for the type of sites you want to create. Tip: use artisteer to make your templates. There are several template clubs like

Have a look at this website. It might help your decision.

WordPress versus Joomla! CMS - the purpose matters

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WordPress isn't a blog platform only. This couldn't be further from the truth. I have argued this point more times than I care to remember on this board.

I am an actual designer who uses WordPress to design "Commercial Websites". There hasn't been one single request from a client that I couldn't do in WordPress. If you need proof, just reply back and I will supply you with links to sites I have built in WordPress, as well as other websites that are professional big name companies with websites built using WordPress.

The biggest difference is the amount of technical knowledge needed to get started. WordPress can be picked up almost instantly, while Joomla will take considerably more time to learn. Everything you want to do will take more time if you go with Joomla. Joomla has less support, Joomla has less free plug-ins and themes.

WordPress will allow you to turn out good websites a lot faster than Joomla or Druple. You will profit more in less time.
Well that just shows that the advice one gets on choosing a CMS depends on who you talk to. I prefer to use Joomla and I too am a commercial website builder. I disagree with jeremyjared74's point that everything will take more time on Joomla. If you are not familiar with any system it ill take more time to accomplish tasks.
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MattRichardsonAuthor Commented:
I was afraid I would start a flame war with this one. (mac vs pc). My "non-blog" statement was not specifically pointed at the WordPress crowd. I chose WordPress because it is not just a blogging platform.

So I will split the points between the best positive argument for Joomla and the best positive argument for WordPress and hopefully not tick both sides off.

I like the statement "jeremyjared74" said "profit more in less time" as this will be the benefit of the paid hosting sites; and is probably the final result from picking the best CMS for my needs.

I will wait and see if addional comments come in a make a decision tommorow; but AWESOME work so far!!!


Panagiotis Sweb developer - designer Commented:
for me joomla its the best cms

you can do anything easily and moreover very easy administration of the page, something you want with sites with 300pages

keep on joomla and will not  loose
You can always download them to your file-server if you have one available. Both are free, and you will be able to get the feel of each one. You can then make your own decision on which you feel is easier to use.

If you read the article sent by feariatlog, you'll notice while they recommend Joomla for developers, they state several times that WordPress is easier to use.

A Joomla site can be updated by anyone with basic word processing skills. There are many youtube tutorials available on all aspects of it. Content providers have control over their site and most of all the webmaster benefits from a greatly reduced workload as the need to provide user support is diminished.
I used Joomla for severals years the reason I stop using it it's beacause too many security update and the template system is not an easy one. Also Joomla have to many directories.

I prefer using Expression Engine which is very flexible, powerful and the code is secure and it's easy to set the template.
It is so flexible that you don't need a plenty component to customize your site.
Also Expression Engine is more userfriendly

To save a lot of time you can use for all your templates.
I use it for all my projects.
Alan HendersonRetired marine engineerCommented:
If you're going to outsource I'd have another look at Drupal. It's more powerful and flexible than Joomla. It's admin menus are infuriatingly impenetrable, but when you get over that it's the most capable.

Having said that, the latest version of Wordpress is very user friendly and now goes far beyond blogging. If you want end users with little HTML/PHP knowledge to play with it that's the way to go.
Have a look at the Thesis theme:
I'm using it here:

Joomla falls between the two in power and user friendliness.
If you're determined to use it here's a good source of modestly priced pofessional themes:
My personal opinion is that wordpress is the simplest to learn and use, and why not keep it simple...
I have maintained drupal sites (though never created one of my own) and it was not an enjoyable experience for me or the client.

I have installed joomla as examples for clients before and they have always chose wordpress over joomla.

I think basically it comes down to, none of them are terrible and none of them are the end-all be-all they claim to be.

I do feel that there are more freely available (and actually useful) plugins for wordpress than the other systems.

The one thing I will say from experience is that there are not currently any good solutions for integrating a shopping cart/store into wordpress (some exist but they are all fairly terrible imo), so if any of your sites need that functionality then be prepared for a struggle or a shop system that doesn't look good, is difficult to administrate, doesn't have all the functionlity you need, or is terrbily difficult to integrate the way you will want.

Pick one, learn it well, and it will be the best for you.

MattRichardsonAuthor Commented:
Bought Artisteer after using it 2 hours yesterday and had 2 full blown Joomla templates done and uploaded. This was the missing piece for me. I will look at WordPress when I get time and will not leave it on the shelf. I may have a future for both.

Artisteer designs WordPress templates also. The problem with Artisteer is the code seems to be a bit bloated and hard to customize once you are out of Artisteer. It is good for people who are beginners, or if you need to get some sites built in a hurry. In the long run it will cost you more time if you need to customize a theme.
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