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I have developed an application, I test it in my computer it was working fine, but I test it again in another computer (with lower resolution), I got controls Interference in each other,
it looks like it is resolution problem, my computer resolution is 1920x1080 but the other computer resolution is: 1280x1024

here is my computer snapshot:
 1920x1080 resolution
here is the other computer with lower resolution:
  1280x1024 resolution
note that I have developed this application in 2008,
any idea what to do?
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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / Consultant
>>any idea what to do?

What I do is to develop the UI in the lowest resolution the app is to be run on, and that is specified as a minimum condition for the app.  (It is always easier to expand the design layout than to contract it).
I may be wrong here, but wouldn't proper anchoring/docking of each control allow them to maintain there relative position during resizing... which is what you need in this scenario...?

It would mean a fair few correctly placed panels though...

Failing that though, Andy is right. Always best practice to develop in the lowest resolution first.
Maybe this will help (Automatic Scaling):

And this post talks about setting the positions of your controls programatically at runtime, so you can use the current resultion to determine the correct positioning (it also talks about anchoring):
as far as i can see it, you just have a problem with the height of the window.
Do you calculate the height (like 1/4 of the display height after loading it) ?
Otherwise this should not be a problem at all (f.e. 600px height is 600px height - doesn't matter what the res of the client is).

I would advise to set the backpanel  where the controls in the form are hosted to "AutoScroll" and the anchors to "top, left, right, bottom".
The form should have a "Sizable" border.
This might solve your problem.


thanks very much

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