externally resolving fqdn

I have just recently purchased a Barracuda message archiver.  It needs to have an externally resolvable FQDN.  I am not sure how to configure this in DNS.  Can you help?
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You will do this at your domain registrar or who you have doing the DNS for your domain.

Add an A Record like archive.domain.com
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
The way I read that means that you need to have a registered domain name (mydomain.com), make sure the barracuda is reachable from a public address on the internet and point an FQDN to that address (like barracuda.mydomain.com).
jb_hinoteAuthor Commented:
I just had to call who was doing our DNS and they created a record.  Then I just had to NAT it through our firewall to the right internal IP.
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