rember befor tow or forth day

i use visaule basic 2005  
in y tabel  there are colum (date)

i want show msgbox before 30 day  in
specific  date  
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Look at the methods available in the DateTime object, there is an AddDays-method that does exactly what you want.


' Calculate what day of the week is 30 days before today.
Dim today As System.DateTime
Dim answer As System.DateTime

today = System.DateTime.Now
answer = today.AddDays(-30)

System.Console.WriteLine("{0:dddd}", answer)

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ziayd2009Author Commented:
u r example  i s good but
i have  tabel have many date start from 1-01-2011 to 30-0302011
if we in third month   i want my  program give  the dates  befor three or fore days
E.X name  the customer  when  the rent  end before three days in  30-0302011?
sara 27-0302011  
jak 27-0302011  
toom 27-0302011  
Do you want a query to retrieve all the correct rows ?
What database are you using ?
Is the date-format from here above correct ?
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ziayd2009Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Why do you want to delete the question ? You didn't answer my questions
The initial question is solved by #35232298 . The other small follow-up questions are unanswered because the poster didn't give feedback to the experts. So my suggestion is to accept #35232298 as an answer
Robert MarleySinger / SongwriterCommented:
I am starting the Auto-Close procedure on behalf of the question asker, to close this question, after the 'Objection' by Dhaest stopped the procedure. Following Moderator review, it would appear answers were provided, even though it may not necessarily have been what you wanted to hear.

Everyt'ing is everyt'ing,

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