Saving a Windows 7 Desktop Profile (?)

Is there some way to save a Windows 7 (x64) Desktop Profile to include icons, icon sizes, icon positioning on the screen, etc... ?  Is it just a matter of saving that user's Desktop.ini file ?  Does one also have to save the All Users Desktop.ini file ?

We have one user who is new to Windows 7 (former WinXP user so did not know Vista either) who keeps having their desktop 'reset' every time they reboot - icons increase in size, move to the left of the screen from where they were previously positioned, etc....  

One of the problems appeared to be the Auto Arrange to Grid option  (which has since been unchecked), and there is not a registry key that says DoNotSave which some have suggested deleting.  But since this user is a VP here we want to make sure he does not lose anything (i.e. previous desktop settings) incase this problem recurs.  

Any other suggestions to avoid having the desktop profile reset after every reboot in addition to saving the desktop profile INI file and what I have already mentioned in this post would also be greatly appreciated.

TIA ...

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LGroup1--Save C:\Users\UserName\Desktop
If the shortcuts do not function after a restore from this saved file, put them all in Recycle Bin and then Restore from Recycle Bin.  Yes, it works.
But are you saying you are losing the Desktop with every boot?
Not from windows 7 profile in my humble opinion, since windows 7 nolonger uses the dynamic link libray as in xp where the themes were a separate file savable, windows 7 uses the Aero.
Theme packs with icons and cursers are available as a separate download not free
Windows Blinds
icon packager
Then set up theme pack change your cursers etc  and save it as a complete theme

LGroup1Author Commented:
Great, thanks all !
LGroup1Author Commented:
p.s. They do not actually lose the icons - but when they reboot the icons are all very large (i.e. as if the display resolution changed to a lower setting or something) and the icons are all clustered to the left hand side of the screen instead of where the user originally placed them which, in this particular case, had some icons on the left, some in the middle, some across the top of the screen, and some on the right hand side of the screen..
LGroup1--You are welcome
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