Multiple Not-Read Receipts in Exchange 2010

Hey guys-

I have a user (my manager) who has read receipts set on their messages in Outlook.  She is running Windows 7 and Office 2007.  All works normally.  Except on Sundays when I have our server setup to delete old message in everyone's deleted items folder that is more than 30 days old.  This is setup through Managed Default Folders.  When this happens, she gets multiple instances of "not-read" receipts for each message (three instances I believe).  I have also confirmed that this is happening to other users as well, they had just been ignoring them and deleting them Monday mornings.   They each have the same time/date stamp, same user, and same subject.  This happens on a weekly basis.

I tested having her send me a message and manually deleting it out of deleted items, and she gets no response at all.  

I had read somewhere that this was a known issue with Exchange 2010, and that it would be fixed in the next version.  However, I have only found that on one site, and it was not a MS site.  Can anyone shed some light on this?  Either giving me a good work around (outside of turning off the read receipts) or confirming that this is a known issue?  I appreciate any help.  Thanks,

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We wanted to block receipts going from inside to outside but you can create rule for all messages - just ignore form and to steps. It will work for internal mail traffic.

No clue why its happening - its just bug in Outlook...
I had similar problem after migrating users form other mail system to Outlook/Exchange. After importing all mail, during first run Outlook 2010 suddenly decided to send 300+ "not-read" receipts to external recipients.
We were able to replicate the problem - when you delete messages with read request, without marking them read, Outlook 2010 sends not-read messages even if  answering read requests is disabled via GPO.

We ended up with Transport Rule deleting all messages with "Not read:" subject going form inside to external world.  
wlramseyAuthor Commented:

Thank you for your response.  Glad to know that I am not the only one that has come across this.  The only problem with making your Transport Rule, is that is internal to external.  Most if not all of these read receipts are internal to internal.  Will these messages actually hit the Transport role if it is an internal to internal message?

If so, can I create a rule that would say "from users inside the organization" and "sent to users inside the organization" and "when the Subject field matches 'Not read:'"?

However, this would filter out all Not Read messages and not just the duplicates.  I may try this and see if it works.  Maybe she will be ok with not receiving 'any' not read receipts as opposed to triplicates.

Any clue as to WHY this is happening?

Thanks for your assistance!
wlramseyAuthor Commented:
Wished I knew why this was happening.  Boss decided she would rather receive all triplicates than not receive any at all.  Thanks for the assistance!
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