Get users save file path using ASP .NET and C#

I am not super knowledgeable about ASP .NET practices in regards to downloading files I am trying to figure something out here. Basically I am using a crystal report to generate a nice and pretty formatted report and then use the report.ExportToDisk function to save the file on the users machine some where? Any suggestions would be appreciated. However if i can just get a file path i know how to do the actually saving portion and all that stuff. Thanks!
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With ASP.NET you have no control or access to the users file system. The only thing you can is to ExportToDisk onto a location on the SERVER itself, then stream the file to the user... the user will then be prompted whether they want open or save the file. You will not not even be able to know where the user has saved the file to on their machine either.

Alternatively, instead of ExportToDisk, you can use the ExportToHttpResponse, which writes the exported report onto the Response stream. (I assume you can get documentation on how to use the ExportToHttpResponse)

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PoolcorpAuthor Commented:
Neat, learn something new everyday. Thanks for the quick response.
Actually that is not true.  There are third-party tools that allow you to specify where the report will go.


I havent come across such an application, can you maybe provide some examples?

Just thinking about it... I am not quite sure why one would want to "control" where a user saves a report they have decided to export. And as is often my situation, deployment and orrganisational IT policies might sometimes be out of my control, I prefer to minimise the number of thirdy party control that I would have to deploy to my end users, unless it is really really really really adding value.
Actually it is a full third-party application.

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