DNS not cleaning up

DNS issue

Im no DNS expert but here is the problem we are having, maybe it's normal but I figured I would ask the experts.  We are trying to clean up our AD and we are having problems. for example I can ping a computer name and I get a reply from an IP address but when remote to the ip address the desktop network name is entirely different than what I am looking for. So I go to my DNS server and open the DNS snapin and that IP address has 15 unique computer names associated with that IP address. (server 2003)

I would think there should only be 1 computer name listed that matches that IP address.  Is this normal to have many names associated with the same IP address?

what can I do to clean the DNS list up? I'm open to any comment or suggestion and can provide more details if needed.
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Chris DentConnect With a Mentor PowerShell DeveloperCommented:
Hello there :)

MS have a really good article on this very topic:


I urge you to read though and configure it. If the article raises any questions, or you need clarification on any of the content please come back.


You need to change your time to live ttl to say 10 seconds.  This would force it to refresh.  Once it clean, change it back to, say, a day
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

TTL has nothing at all to do with cleaning up records, nor will it help in a scenario where Round Robin is being used to resolve. It only increases the effect of the pot-luck element.

rrozier38930Author Commented:
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