Block wireless access to server

Can I block traffic to the server coming from wireless access points ?

I am are trying to restrict the server
to wired  computers.

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Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
You might use the firewall software in the server to block any addresses that are being assigned via DHCP by the wireless access point.   It's not 100% as one could set an address manually that's outside the DHCP range.  But, that takes just a little doing and maybe it's adequate for your needs.

To work around the block one must:

1) know what the DHCP range on the access point is.  How?  Well, one could guess what it *isn't*.

2) Set the address manually to one that's outside the DHCP range and, thus, the firewall block AND one that doesn't conflict with something else on the network.

So, not *too* hard but maybe OK for you.  Your broader objectives and environment aren't all that clear.
No unless the wireless clients are on a separated LAN (VLAN or NATed) or in a specific address range...

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