Windows 7 Professional Freeze

I have a client with a fairly new Windows 7 Professional computer who, several times a day, experiences a freeze-up of his system for about 30 seconds.  Afterwards, it starts working again.  When it freezes up, the windows vanish, and in their place, these diagonal lined window outlines appear in their place.  I've not been able to reproduce the behavior, but today, he sent me a photo.  What causes this behavior?  See photo attached.  Thanks.

 Screenshot of Frozen Windows 7 Screen
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That is what happens when you hover with your mouse to the "show desktop" area in the far bottom right of the screen (to the right of the clock). If you right-click that area, and you have "Peek at desktop" active, this is the behaviour expected when you hover the mouse over that area. You can try to disable "Peek at desktop" and see if it solves part (or all) of the problem.
What is not expecte behaviour, though, is the freeze... I would check the Event Viewer for errors around that time. Things you should probably try:
1 - Install latest graphic drivers;
2 - Install Windows updates;
3 - Get rid of crap programs you won't need or use.
Is he running a standard background image? Have you updated the video and or chipset driver for the system?
You might also try running SFC SCANNOW.
Insert the Windows 7 CD. Then from the Run command enter the following.
Click OK.
It takes about fifteen minutes to run.
Put the computer in clean boot for a day.

Clean Boot Process

Launch msconfig
Click Start-msconfig-click on services tab -put a check on hide all microsoft services and then click disable add. Click on startup tab and disable all.

Restart the computer in normal mode

If the computer does not freezes then enable two services and startup item at a time to identify the corrupt startup entry or service that is creating the problem.

ejjobAuthor Commented:
@David-Howard, I had already updated those drivers, chipset and video and pretty much knocked out the crapware and things not needed to operate his system.
@naomelixes, That is exactly the behavior of his problem, but he insists he isn't accidently putting his cursor into the corner; however, I have yet to be at his office when it happens and we may be dealing with a little embarrassment (he says it isn't bothering his as much now)
@ded9, we might go that route if required.

I'm going to try installing SP1 next week and we'll see what happens.  I really think he's just got a habit of moving the pointer down to the corner (almost off screen) and hasn't put 2 and 2 together.
ejjobAuthor Commented:
I *think* what my client has experienced has to do with him hovering his mouse pointer over the Show Desktop area, but he's not committing to this and saying that this is not a problem anymore.  Meanwhile, I've updated BIOS, video drivers, and Windows 7 SP1 and subsequent updates to be sure, and there are no unnecessary processes is about as clean as one can get.  If anything ever changes on this, I'll revise.  Thanks.
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