How to remove the View Menu from the Windows 7 Explorer screen

I am setting up computers for a school lab environment and I am looking for some assistance.

The view menu in the Windows 7 explorer screen has a "choose details" command. This allows a user to select the "Network option" and then they can display the UNC path to the hidden shares on the server. I want to keep the rest of the menu (File, Edit, etc.) so that users can copy and paste files between drives without having to use keyboard shortcuts but would like to either remove the View Menu or the Choose Details option contained within it.

I don't want to have to hide the menu bar completely.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

Thanks for your assistance.
skenny10IT ManagerAsked:
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You can go to Organize -> Layout and deselect the menu bar entirely, however that will also hide the File, Edit, etc options.

I'm not sure there's a legitimate way to only remove the "View" portion of the Menu Bar.
<b>Quote:</b><i>Windows 7 explorer screen has a "choose details" command</i>

I believe that is Windows XP Windows Explorer. Windows 7 does not have a "View" in its Windows Explorer menu.

I am also a bit confused at your reference to <i>Network option</i>

The View/Choose Details... is a column control. I see no "Network option" in its available selections.

View/Choose Details according to Microsoft
skenny10IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Windows 7 explorer menu has File, Edit, View, Toosl and Help

If you choose the View Menu, and select Choose details there is a check box for network location.
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I'll have to look [again] at a Windows 7 Home, Student, and professional versions.
Windows Ultimate is certainly much different unless you switch theme to classic.
skenny10IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks for looking. I am using Windows 7 Professional

the Menu Bar is hidden by default in all versions of Windows 7, you have to manually select it via Organize -> Layout

 Menu Bar
skenny10IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
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