In regards to previous issues w/ Pavilion Dv6000 MB which was replaced and giving no where in solving start up  process, even though I tried the cpu and memory  in another  notebook which worked  so I ruled out  that the cpu & memory are not at fault . could it be that there is something I am overlooking  or not doing , I  know I've tried evrything possible . It booted only once but immediately shutdown  and never did start up again after that.
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Randy DownsConnect With a Mentor OWNERCommented:
You might try reseating connectors and making sure you don't have a short some where. Otherwise you have good power, CPU/Memory so would look like you have a defective MB.
Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
you sure you have good power?
TechGSCAuthor Commented:
Yes there is power , I tested the adapter w/ multitester , it was  stable  and issuing the recommended power
You are describing a common problem with that model laptop. The motherboard will have to be replaced or repaired.
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