All emails come to Blackberry bold but not to Outlook 2007


My client uses Blackberry phones and they have been having issues with emails coming in to Blackberries just fine, however not all of them come to Outlook.

One of the employees mentioned that the missing emails in Outlook were not present in Junk Folder either.

Please help. It is getting hectic.
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Could you confirm if they are using a BES and if so what version please.

If not could you confirm the setup environment please - hopefully its not something like SBS with a POP3 connector - and pointing the blackberry at the POP!

As a test - remover the battery from a blackberry and send a mail - does it appear in Outlook ?
Does the mail then downlaod to the Blackberry when restarted.
Also check the users outlook client for any rules that they may have created.  I've run across this before and the user "forgot" that they set up an incoming rule to redirect mail to a subfolder within Outlook.
RemapAuthor Commented:
The client uses Google Apps with their email domain there.

Within the rules on Outlook there was only one ticked, which was recommened 'Clear categories'
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1> Disabled the email sync in BES admin console for the user(s).
2> Then check mail by sending "test" messages.
3> If the mail comes in outlook then check with the "sync" propertise for user in Admin console as well as on BB device.
4> If then to the mails not comming then create new Outlook profile (Without Deleting the primary outlook account).
5> Check for the mail again.

This steps will give you the exact idea about the issue.

RemapAuthor Commented:
The client does not use BES
1. Have you verified that emails actually exist on their phone at the same time checing thier inbox to ensure that the mail doesnt exist? If a user deletes email on their BB, the default action is to delete it locally on the handheld only, although it can be configured to delete from both the server and the handheld.

2. Are you using the Blackberry Web Manager to create a POP account to check their email? Its been a while since I've seen the options, but check to see if there is an oiption to remove from the mail server when email is downlaoded or something like that.  The only issue is that you said it seems intermittent.

Are your clients accessing their email on Google Apps through a web browser or using a third party email client?
Ok, getting ahead of myself again.. You already stated that they are using Outlook 2007.

Is there a possibility that users are using multiple applications to access their email online, such as Outlook 2007 from the office, but Thunderbird from home, or something like that?  

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I think it would be usefull to check if the webmail view of the mailbox compared to outlook 2007.,
1. It may be just that outlook is not downloading messages that have been read
2. or that the blackberry is deleting the message when it downloads it
3. That the user deletes the message on the blackberry but only expects it to delete from handdheld only.
RemapAuthor Commented:

Many thanks for your comments. I shall be able to check your suggestions tomorrow as I shall be with the client.

I know that they used Outlook 2007, they do check their emails via web at Google Apps. However, they I am not sure how often. I do not think they used different email clients at home PCs as they have BB and most of the time they are in the office or travellig.  
RemapAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for helping
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