We have an odd script error cropping up - some but all or our users are receiving ;
SCRIPT5009: 'Scheduler' is undefined
 errors when attempting to run Java script...
All out test machines are OK, but we have finally been able to recreate it, but at a loss to fit it.
This script has been running fine until we upgraded to WS2008sp2 IIS7.5.
Client machines are running a variety of IE8 and IE9 - some do and some dont.
what has the server install upset?
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Have a look in the Windows event log for more details
robc00Author Commented:
Empty - I just cleared the logs and navigated to the offending screens and - nothing.... its very strange - If I navigate using my browser its OK.
Can you be more specific what means "attempting to run Java scrpt"
What is "Java script"?
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robc00Author Commented:
These are script errors - we are seeing;
SCRIPT5009: 'DailyCalendar' is undefined
whe it tries to execute the following;
ctl00_MainContent_calDiaryObj=new DailyCalendar();

Its like the script isnt being loaded on to the client
robc00Author Commented:
We are also see other script errors
SCRIPT16389: Unspecified error.
Which appear on the SCRIPT5009 machines - other machines dont produce these either and complete successfully.
Sorry, at least for me it is still hard to understand - can you start
from the beginning

This is a piece of code:
ctl00_MainContent_calDiaryObj=new DailyCalendar();

How are you trying to execute it ?
Is ita part of some Java appliaction
whic you run throgh Windows scheduler at reagular intervals of time?

Is it JavaScript piece whwich you run in your browser, when you load the web page?
Which webpage, when are you loading it?

Please, be more specific, pleasee, assume that most of the people don't know the
details of what you are doing

robc00Author Commented:
The scripts we are running render controls that executed client side and are running as part of an ASP.NET v4.0 app.  The control should render at load time.
I would hazzard a guess at the IE security as I had a site working, set the security to high and lost the display of the control.  Reducing the security level and enabling ActiveX and scripting did not return the display.  Site is not in the IE trusted list so it should be using he internet config, but what ever we set it has no effect.
It looks as though the site is not downloading and running the scripts.
This question has really nothing to do with Java. You'd be better off with more Windows-oriented zones
robc00Author Commented:
Advice taken - ive raise this in the Windows Server zone - along with a line to a demo page creating the problem.  - Go to associated thread
robc00Author Commented:
An assumption was made that the HTTP Handlers defined in the config would be applied, this didnt seem to be the case in IIS7 - once we manually added them the controls came to life.

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robc00Author Commented:
Question closed, solution in previous response
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