Can not send email in MS Outlook 2003

Dear Expert,

I have re-installed my MS office 2003, and  go to tool to set correct pop and smtp configuration setup and email
address account  and do email testing in outlook. Everything is passed and also received the testing email from outlook
But it still not be able to send my first  email when i click new email and input all and click send  after checking
the sentmail folder. Up to this moment, I never have the error message about I am not sent the email
ANd I go to look at the sentmail folder and open the email I just sent
it just report, the email is not sent yet ,so  look at the date of the email is "NULL".
So whether the date of email I need to change to update before send ?
HOw I change it, I could not find out the icon menu for that ?

Please advise

LVL 13
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Apologies for not understanding completely. I think, if I understand correctly, that you should check your Outbox folder. If the email is stuck in the Outbox, then the email is not getting sent.

You may need to adjust the settings to have Outlook send the email immediately. You may need to adjust the send/receive frequency too. Also if the email is stuck in the Outbox, check and see if there any other emails in there. Perhaps there is an email with a large attachment or something clogging the process? Again, this is based on the language barrier and apologies again if I am misunderstanding your post.
duncanb7Author Commented:
I already click "the check box of send the email immediately" but same

Whether my emaibox is too big, but outlook should give me error to let me the email is not sent
duncanb7Author Commented:
Dear Expert,

the email is sent when I add new email and click the send button   after that and then at the main menu click
the send/receive button again. My client server can receive the email.

But it is strange, why we need to click one button of send and another button of send/receive button ?
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You shouldn't have to send/receive after clicking send if the settings are enabled to send immediately.

I have seen Outlook 2003 lock up on specific emails (something happens and any new emails that are sent do not send). Many times you have to restart Outlook and it should work.

Try again to send an email from the user's mailbox (after restarting Outlook). This time do not click send/receive and see if it goes through.
duncanb7Author Commented:
it is strange,

when I quit the outlook, the email  I sent before is sent to my client server.
But the new email is sent after re-open outlook is not shown up yet.
duncanb7Author Commented:
Even I run the VBA code for send email, but I need  to re-open outlook application and quit application, and then
the email is sent to client finally  Why ? It is strange,  I already re-install everything

Any other method beside outllook.application, we can use to do it in VBA code for
sending email ?
Function sendmail()
Set app = CreateObject("outlook.application")
Set itm = app.CreateItem(0)
Application.DisplayAlerts = False

With itm
.Subject = "dail report"
.To = ""
.Body = "daily nothing report"
End With
Set app = Nothing
Set itm = Nothing

End Function

Open in new window

There may be a delay in the messaging queues. If you said that the emails are not listed in the Outbox folder, that means Outlook has, in fact, sent the message as far as Outlook (the client) is concerned. What this means is that Outlook was able to connect to the sending service and passed the email on to it successfully. What happens from that point is up to the messaging service whatever that might be. So if these emails are making it to the Sent Items folder, then the email client is sending them properly (as far as we can tell).

Next step might be to look at the mail handling on the server side. I assume you are not using Exchange?
Question to you. Do you have Norton 360 running on this workstation? If so, there is likely an Outlook add-on that is enabled that may be causing this issue. Please check the Add-Ons and tell me if you see a Norton 360 add-on. If so disable it, and then restart Outlook. Test again to see if this fixes it.

Obviously if you do not have Norton 360, check to see which other add-ons you have running and besides the default Outlook ones, maybe try and disable one at a time to see if it may be an Add-On causing the trouble. Again don't disable the default Outlook add-ons, just any 3rd party ones.
duncanb7Author Commented:
What is exchange ?
I just use my ISP service
SMTP: to create the connection
duncanb7Author Commented:
what is norton 360 add-on where I can download
Ok. No you do not want to download it. You want to DISABLE it, if it is running. Norton 360 is an anti-virus program that installs an Add-On to Outlook to scan email. It is a known error that it causes a problem with Outlook 2003 send/receive. There may be other types of add-ons that are not part of Outlook 2003 that may need to be disabled just to test. If disabling them doesn't help the problem, then you can re-enable them.

Try this:

Navigate to “Tools->Options->Other->Advanced Options->Add-ins Manager…” and uncheck the Add-ins you do not need.

Check with the Outlook 2003 documentation to determine which add-ons are part of the Outlook 2003 default install.

duncanb7Author Commented:

you might be correct, when I am doing VBA by F8, it will pop-up one dialog window to warn and ask me
"whether to continue the sending and it might have virus ", so I just to press yes the VBA code is done.
But I need to re-open outlook software and quit the application, and I check clien't mailbox, the mail
is recevied.

So what you mean Norton  360 is vrius tool and it has add-on for me to add-in VBA library ?
duncanb7Author Commented:
Navigate to “Tools->Options->Other->Advanced Options->Add-ins Manager…” and uncheck the Add-ins you do not need.

You mean  Tools is in outlook application or in windows ?
Follow the directions I just gave you to see if Norton 360 is running inside of Outlook. If it is running, disable it by doing the directions that I posted above. After you disable it, test to see if it resolved the issue.

I am not suggesting that you disable the ENTIRE anti-virus, but only the ADD-ON that it installed for Outlook.

Do these steps, remove the check from the Norton add-on then click OK.
Inside Outlook:
Click Tools->Options
Now click Other->Advanced Options->Add-ins Manager…

Now find and uncheck the Add-ins you do not need. Look for the add-on that says something about Norton, Email Scan, Symantec, or any other key word that tells you it is a scanner add-on. After you remove the check from the Norton add-on, click OK and then try again to test it.

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Sorry yes the tools inside of Outlook. Apologies for leaving that part out!
duncanb7Author Commented:
Yes, I do what you said in outlook and uncheck the box for exchange and then quit and open outlook again
and send email again
Did you see any other add-ons inside the options? For example one that said Norton, Symantec, or scanner/virus scanner, or email protection? This is the one I wanted you to disable.
duncanb7Author Commented:
it is work in outlook to send a new message and client immediate to receive message.

THe last question, why I am not able to send email in the VBA code now even re-open and quit
outlook software
Not sure about the VBA code as I am not super familiar with Outlook VBA programming. My limited knowledge with VBA is with Excel methods and commands. Sorry about that.

Glad to hear that the email is properly working now though!
duncanb7Author Commented:
YEs, I look see the check box of Norton 360  not at add-on but at "com add-on" after download
and install norton 360 a minutes ago
duncanb7Author Commented:
thanks for you reply.
Ohhh. I did not mean for you to install Norton. Only to remove it from the Outlook Add-Ons if it was there. Some what of a language barrier I am afraid. None-the-less the email is working now still? Is that correct?
duncanb7Author Commented:
Sorry, again, I said sending new email is no problem when uncheck box of excahnge is not correct.

I check again serveral, why the client can receive the email that is still because I open outlook software
and quit again ?

SO the problem is not solved, please advise kindly
duncanb7Author Commented:
Sorry, again, I said sending new email is no problem when uncheck box of excahnge in outlook that  is not correct.

I check again serveral times , why the client can receive the email that is still the reason because I open outlook software
and quit again

SO the problem is not solved yet , please advise kindly
duncanb7Author Commented:
I guess, open and quit outlook will let mail in query is sent

Even I run VBA code those email is sent to client if do the same open and quit outlook , Why ?

There should some option I can delete the mail query for  waiting to sent , RIght
duncanb7Author Commented:
I aldready check the box of "send it immediately once connection is establed", it is still in problem
Here are a few other possible solutions:

Several of these links suggest opening Outlook in Safe Mode. To open Outlook in safe mode do the following:

Press windows key + R to open the run box.
In the run box type Outlook.exe /safe

If it works properly in Safe mode, that means that an ADD-ON was most likely the culpret. Go back and check to make sure the ADD-ONs that I wrote about above are DISABLED (No check mark next to them).
If my last suggestion does not work, try what is written here:
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