usb keyboard / mouse won't work after installing imaged hard drive

I have a dell box running Windowx xp sp3.  I imaged the hard drive, put the image on a new hard drive, put the newly imaged hard drive in and started up my computer.  computer starts fine EXCEPT that the keyboard and mouse don't work, even after the desktop loads.  I think the issue is that there is a "windows xp compatibility" warning that comes up that's related to the OS recognizing a new hard drive, and the USB driver installation is queued up to happen after I say "yes"or "no" to that window....but I can't answer because I have no keyboard or mouse!  BTW, the keyboard works because I can use it to boot into the BIOS or the boot options menu (pressing F8).  If I boot to safe mode I have the same problem.
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can also try different usb ports - or add a pci usb card to connect it

I just have to ask these basic questions:

1. Have you enabled the legacy USB option in BIOS?
2. Have you tried to use another keyboard or mouse?
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Looks like the upper or lower filter driver for the keyboard is interfering. This is known from e.g. Logitech drivers. Sadly, the only way to repair that is to get a non-usb keyboard (if feasible), or to boot another OS (e.g. the Repair Console), and then edit the registry. If you have network access from another PC, that might help, too. Details can be found here (it is about W2000, but that should not have changed).
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i give u suggestion that u take a PS2 keyboard from your friend, then go to run type "sfc  /scannow"
then again go to run type cmd then chkdsk /f i hope so this command resole your problem
otherwise u right click on my computer select manage then open device manage and remove usb controller and restart your system
mattbielAuthor Commented:
I do not have PS/2 port on the back of my computer...this is a newer motherboard.

Legacy usb is already set to "enabled" in BIOS

I have tried another USB/Mouse, with no luck.

I even put the original HDD in, and with a new basic Microsoft Mouse and keyboard I boot up and then get the little messages that pop up from system tray that say "found new microsoft mouse..." etc.  and then I get a "welcome to the found new hardware wizard" window....but, SO FRUSTRATING, I still cannot use the keyboard and mouse so I cannot click on that window.  This is with the original hard drive.  

wow.  any ideas?
did you try with another keyboard and mouse?
Rob HutchinsonDesktop SupportCommented:
What you might also want to try, if possible, is to put the old hard drive back into the computer to verify that no problems exist.

Then use some other software to re-clone the drive. The problem might actually be with the software you used to make the clone unless it's software that you have used many times before to clone hard drives.
hi mattbiel,
- just a thought > do u have the XP cd? why not do a boot from that CD then select "Repair" option. it will reload the OS but will not remove your files or programs. it should find your keyboard and mouse as a new hardware...
mattbielAuthor Commented:
I can't believe that the solution was so....analog!  I had tried several USB ports before posting my question, but I hadn't tried ALL of them.  After Nobus' comment, I tried them all, and the USB port on the front panel worked.  Strange, but I'll take it.
it's not the first time..wonderful pc's, aint'it
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