Autodiscover Outlook 2010

I have just signed up to a hosted exchange service with Rackspace and am having trouble configuring my account through Autodiscover

I have added the CNAME to my DNS and it returns the correct results when doing a NSLOOKUP

The support team at rackspace say they can configure Outlook at their end no problem so it must be something to do with my local environment.

I am at home using my home broadband and Vista Pro laptop

I get no error message it just times out when I go through Control Panal, Mail, new profile and enter my details.

Does anyone know of anything that would stop autodiscover completeing in this environment.

I have disabled firewalls and tried another home broadband network to no avail.

Any help would be great, Thanks.
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TheTechManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The address I posted is directly from Rackspace.  It's important to note that it doesn't actually say '', correct?

If you own '' and your address is and you have the DNS records for '', then you should tell your DNS provider the following CNAME record:

name:  autodiscover(

If this is what you have, then let's go to this Microsoft site and test it again:

See if it helps pinpoint the issue, or feel free to post the errors it returns and I can help further.
They specify you should manually configure Outlook 2010 to connect to them, so you may want to raise this point with

Autodiscovery could be blocked on their end and you'd spin your wheels trying to figure that out...
Philip_MitchellAuthor Commented:
They suggest that full Exchange functionality isn't available that way and the preference is Autodiscover

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OK, so just to check here, the IP you're getting back is for the host:  Also, do you run Active Directory?  If so, you'll need to add these CNAME records to your AD DNS server as well:

New CNAME record for 'autodiscover'
Address:  'autodiscover.YOURDOMAIN.YOURADSUFFIX'


YOURDOMAIN is your Active Directory Domain
YOURADSUFFIX is your Active Directory Suffix (e.g. '.com', '.local', '.net', etc...)
Philip_MitchellAuthor Commented:
We are a startup company therefore have no AD set up yet, no local domain no DNS servers. The CNAME was only added to the DNS on the internet domain.

The autodiscover returns the following:


What is the IP address youhave given there?

BTW, it's a Microsoft site, not some junk code; feel free to google it first (and you should, just as a good habit! ;) )
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